The 19th of July was a special day at the Coding Bootcamp Praha. It was our 9th Demo Day which took place at the amazing HubHub. Our students presented their final projects and shared some really interesting ideas and programming solutions. Some of the projects will even continue to live afterwards! 

At the Demo Day we had the pleasure of listening to some remarkable speeches that got well deserved applause from the audience. Martin Macháček (Inventi) taught us how to nail the first job which is exactly what our students need now that they have successfully finished the Bootcamp. Zlatko Shushlevski (Barclays) revealed his top tips for developers during interviews. He held numerous interviews during his career and his advice was not to be afraid to ask questions! Tim Breeding (SocialBakers) had a presentation called “How your prior experience can help your new career?" He talked about the power of diversity in the labour market and the importance of critical thinking. Last but not least, was our instructor Slavo Kožár who shared his interesting career and life story and made us all feel inspired.

Are you interested in how the Demo Day #9 looked like? Video is coming soon, for now take a look at photos on our Facebook!

Do you want to know what were the Spring Batch students learning before the bootcamp and how prepared they were? What their final projects were about and how they would describe the Bootcamp in 3 words? Watch the videos below!

Thank you all for joining us and we wish successful careers to all our Spring Batch 2019 graduates!