Would you like to study full time while having the flexibility of choosing the place you study from on a daily basis? The home office trend has been increasing in popularity for more than a decade but many companies only really tested it out to the full extent as a result of the Covid-19 situation. At Coding Bootcamp Praha we enjoyed seeing how our students utilised our hybrid study options - that is having the opportunity to study online and in person at our offices. Each of our students can choose each day which mode fits their planning better. 

We have received a lot of interest in our hybrid and remote study options. So we decided to interview students from our last two batches to provide you with tips on how to get the most from studying online. In case you are just starting to think about remote studies, you first might want to read our previous article “How to take full advantage of studying online?”. 

Why do a coding bootcamp remotely?

The first question you should ask yourself is why are you looking for a remote study option. At Coding Bootcamp Praha we launched our remote option following the Covid-19 events, however, we have realised that the option suits a larger audience than just those of us stuck in our homes. So what is it that draws you to the opportunity to study online? A number of our students appreciate the level of flexibility they are given when they can decide on a daily basis which mode fits them better. This way they can take care of their household, children, or simply save time commuting, which they can use for other leisure activities.

What are the immediate thoughts of students who have studies with us remotely? Take the example of Marian, a Bulgarian student living in the United Kingdom. He went for the bootcamp so that it helps him achieve his goals. Originally he meant to relocate to Prague but he decided it's easier to study remotely with all the current travel restrictions: “I wanted to study programming for a while now, it didn’t really matter if it was remote or in person. I have some ideas that I want to eventually develop.

Another point of view comes from students who saw such studies as an opportunity to improve their remote work skills. The ultimate goal of some bootcampers is to work as a digital nomad from a tropical island. Thus, improving your self-management, and working efficiently with remote tools will be vital for their long term success. Even those who do not necessarily plan to work a thousand kilometers away, do appreciate that remote working is a trend that is only increasing. As Harol, a Columbian student residing in the Czech Republic puts it: “I made the decision to carry out the course remotely because, in the end, it would also be somehow a working environment in this field.” In a web development industry home office has become more of a standard than an exception, thus being good at working from home can be an important team work skill. 

Vladimir comments: “I am convinced that it is a great skill to learn, taking into account the fact that we are going to work in the IT industry. I can hardly imagine any other field in which remote study and work was more convenient.

What are the advantages and what are the challenges? 

How do you know that studying remotely is the right choice for you? We recommend thinking carefully about your expectations, and in what environment do you tend to perform the best. Studying at a coding bootcamp is an intensive experience and it is advisable to work towards your goals in an environment that helps you achieve them. 

I wasn’t really sure about remote learning, but in the end everything is well organized, so I’m really happy that I am able to follow” says Anna, a student studying from Georgia.

How do you find motivation when you are tired? It might sound like an oversimplification, however, the willingness to push forward even when things get hard is what distinguishes an average student from an outstanding one. Some people draw inspiration from talking with others, some enjoy being in a creative modern environment, and others prefer quiet and familiarity of their own home. 

Studying remotely allows you to save time on commuting, which is great if you can use the extra time in a meaningful way. However, studying efficiently is now always about the pure number of hours you put in but also whether you can concentrate 100% on the task at hand. 
Having the right workspace set up is crucial to avoid distractions, read more on this topic here. It is also important to set the right expectations with anyone you are living with, especially when your family is around. 

Marian told us: “My advice is to not think of your home as a home, but as an office. You need to get out of your home routine and your family needs to change their mindset towards you than when they are at home.” 

How does the socialising work?

Most humans are social creatures and enjoy working and studying with others because they feel most of the time it is more fun. Our students confirm that on days when they feel more introverted and could utilise a but of peace and quiet to recharge their batteries, having the hybrid option is great.


I was looking forward to meeting new people and going to "school" again.Marian

Those students who opted for fully remote studies often make a trade off between having the luxury of fully focusing on their studies but having to compromise on the opportunity to grab a beer after classes with their classmates. Yet, with all the communication apps that we have available, some students also organised social events with drinks and food over Zoom. So it is all possible but arguably requires a little extra bit of creativity!

Every cloud has a silver lining: remote studies help you concentrate more on your studies.” as Vladimir.

All study modes have their pros and cons, and our students confirm that the best is to have the opportunity to choose what fits you best but being able to switch, if needed. The last advice we have is realising the importance of the connections you build with other students during the bootcamp. Many alumni have made friends here for life and they help each other not only professionally but also stay in touch socially. The bootcamp office is open to our alumni anytime after their graduation, thus even if you study remotely, you can stop by for a coffee when you visit Prague later on.

Yes, I would like to come in person, but the first step is to get out of Italy!” laughs Damiano, an Italian student.

When studying from your house put your phone away, drink coffee/ water/ tea/ redbull/ whatever, connect with your colleagues from the bootcamp, make friendships and maintain them,” recommends Lyuben.