Have you ever considered attending a coding or data science bootcamp to learn the skills you need to land your dream job? If so, you’ve probably looked into the tuition fee of these programs and wondered if there was an easier way to pay for it. Fortunately, Coding Bootcamp Praha offers deferred tuition plans - Pay Later Plans for Web Development Bootcamp and Data Science Bootcamp, which allow students to defer the majority of the tuition fee until after they’ve graduated from the bootcamp. Let’s take a look at how deferred tuition works and who can benefit from this type of payment plan.


How Does Deferred Tuition Work?

Pay Later is a payment plan offered by Coding Bootcamp Praha which allows students to pay for their tuition after graduation. You pay only a portion of the tuition fee up front to secure your place in the specific batch. The remaining fee is split into monthly instalments, which you will pay after the course ends. This reduces the financial burden and makes it easier for anyone to pursue emerging tech careers without worrying about being able to afford the upfront costs associated with attending a coding bootcamp.

For the Web Development Bootcamp, this means paying the first instalment at the time of your acceptance into the programme. You then pay 10 monthly instalments after bootcamp completion.

In case of Data Science Bootcamp, there is one payment up-front and four monthly instalments after you've completed the programme.


Who Can Benefit from Deferred Tuition?

Deferred tuition can be a helpful option for you if you do not have enough money saved up to cover the cost of a coding bootcamp. All you need is determination, strong work ethic, and dedication!

While we hope to offer a Pay Later Plan to anyone in the future, there are some restrictions currently in place. Thus, in order to qualify for this type of payment plan, you need to have Czech citizenship or permanent residency in the Czech Republic. If you meet either of these conditions, we will be happy to extend this option to you.

The deferred tuition option applies only to our coding bootcamps – regardless of whether you choose the Web Development Bootcamp or the Data Science Bootcamp. However, deferred tuition is not available on short-term courses and other workshops.


Our Mission

Coding Bootcamp Praha aims to provide an invaluable opportunity for individuals looking to transition into tech-based fields. Thanks to our deferred tuition plans, this goal is within your reach even if you don't have enough money saved up! We are hoping that by offering this type of Pay Later Plan, we can help aspiring coders, developers, and data scientists to confidently pursue their dreams without worrying about whether or not they can afford the upfront costs associated with attending a coding bootcamp.


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