In June 2019, Coding Bootcamp Praha was featured in the Czech version of the Forbes magazine! We are happy that our work is acknowledged in such a prestigious magazine and that we can share our #LearnToCode message with the Czech readers. The issue is available on newsstands all over the country so if you speak Czech, make sure to grab a copy. There is an interview with the Coding Bootcamp Praha's co-founder Jana Večerková in a chapter called "Young Blood" (Nová krev) where she speaks about the bootcamp and its mission.

When asked about her entrepreneurial experience, Jana describes the flagship programme of Data4You - the Coding Bootcamp Praha - and how the journey started from scratch up until receiving a number of international awards and recognitions. Jana believes that to be able to create great products efficiently, it has become a necessity to know at least the basics of programming. In a paragraph about mentoring the students by experts from cooperating tech companies Jana says: "We provide our students with complex career advisory services, but we don't push anyone into accepting a job in any specific company. We prefer when our students naturally connect with the companies, depending on where they see the best fit." Jana explains that despite getting a job in the industry is the main goal of most of our students, as a bootcamp we don't want to become a placement agency but stay an impartial educational provider.

You can read more about Coding Bootcamp Praha in the magazine.

Last but not least, on June 6th, Jana represented Coding Bootcamp Praha at the very first Forbes Women’s Summit 2019 dedicated to influential women from business, sport, art and public sphere which took place at the DOX - Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. She participated in a panel called "How to Start Own Business?" (Jak rozjet svůj byznys?) where she shared her experience with developing not only the coding bootcamp, but also another new project - BrikkApp. Many inspirational and successful women were present at the summit including Simona Kijonková, the owner of Zásilkovna.


And how does Jana reflect back on the summit?

"The summit was a great opportunity to look back at these past few years and evaluate what we have achieved as a team. I'm really grateful that I have the opportunity to work with such inspirational colleagues and that together we managed to create and run a programme that has already changed the lives of more than a hundred of people. I was happy to share our lessons learnt with the audience who was full of enthusiastic people interested in starting something of their own. Many thanks to the Forbes team for providing the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from other industries and to learn from their experience!"

Thank you to Forbes for having us and for this great opportunity!